My Mission

My mission is to create interesting and happy work based on good ideas.

About me

I was raised by my two dads in the vibrant and progressive Castro neighborhood of San Francisco, a fact on which I like to blame my fascination with quirky and sophisticated thinking about art, fashion and everything in between. 

I graduated from Emerson College with a BFA in Acting but my temporary job as a production assistant for MTV Networks turned into a full-time career as a television producer. In 2008, I returned to San Francisco to pursue a portfolio in Art Direction from "Miami Ad School" where I discovered a passion for graphic design (and donuts). I graduated with superhuman brainstorming skills and a lot of joy.

I am a creative hybrid. Part designer, part producer, part writer. I use skills, intuition and optimism to help brands communicate big messages in small packages across all media. To all my endeavors, I bring my imagination and a sense of humor. 

About my process

Step 1) Creative briefing

We communicate in-depth about your challenges and goals. 

Step 2) Concepting

I spend a fair amount of time researching, intuiting and sketching out ideas.

Step 3) Design / Execution

I will execute a series of three directions, we'll narrow it down to one and work through changes during a string of edit rounds until the project is complete.  


Based on the scope of the project and your financial goals, I can charge an hourly fee or negotiate a flat rate. I am happy to discuss money in person.



Project Management


Daryl Newmark


Selected Clients
VH1, Nina Segal, Sarnoff Small Screens, Surreel Films, Tony Kaye, Hahnscape Entertainment, Andrea Buchanan.