My Mission

My mission is to create interesting and happy work based on good ideas.

About me

I was raised by my two dads in the vibrant and progressive "Castro" neighborhood of San Francisco, a fact on which I like to blame my quirky and sophisticated thinking about everything from art to people and the lot in between. My first job out of Emerson College was with MTV Networks in New York.  I freelanced in television production until the economy collapsed in 2008. As a consequence, I moved back to San Francisco to pursue a portfolio in Art Direction from Miami Ad School and discovered a passion for graphic design... and donuts. I graduated with superhuman brainstorming skills and a lot of joy. I am married to one of the 10 billion Mr. Smith's and we have a toddler and a rescue dog named Dallas. I'm happy you are reading this and I hope we get to eat donuts together.

About my process

I use skills, intuition and optimism in my work. I value imagination, a sense of humor and well made donuts. I practice a three phase cycle; creative briefing, concepting and finally, design. During the creative briefing phase, we will communicate in-depth about your challenges and goals. I have a blackbelt in concepting; I favor good ideas and I prefer to have them before I start the layout and design phase so I spend a significant amount of time (in a cave) during the research and brainstorming phase. Once the key message is formed the design phase usually goes fairly quickly. You should have usable material within one week to one month or longer, depending on the scope of the work, your needs and my availability.


Depending on the scope of the project and your financial goals, I will either charge an hourly fee or negotiate a flat rate. I am happy to discuss the details of my pricing structure in person.



Project Management


Daryl Newmark


Selected Clients
VH1, Nina Segal, Sarnoff Small Screens, Surreel Films, Tony Kaye, Hahnscape Entertainment, Andrea Buchanan.